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About Me

My life as an entrepreneur

My personal life has been quite unusual and varied. I am an American that moved around a lot as part of an army family. I got my bachelor’s degree in California. I have been an entrepreneur since I started performing my own magic act at parties and events at the age of ten. I was a professional actor from the age of 12 to 18.

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William Barrow, mentor in Tallinn, Estonia.
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Mentoring / life-coaching

Mentoring and life-coaching are methods of helping an individual live a fulfilling and successful life that highlights their inherent strengths and builds up areas in need of support. As a professional mentor and coach I offer my clients a viewpoint that utilizes a decades long background in entrepreneurship, as well as extensive education and experience in counselling and psychotherapy. My fundamental goal is to help my clients realize and utilize their full potential.

All of us have a unique history, a personalized set of strengths and weaknesses and a vast potential for growth and personal fulfilment. My job is to assist my clients in achieving their goals. These goals may include career advancement, a balanced family life, empowered mental health and excellent physical health and fitness. I try to guide my clients to a place where they can be the very best version of themselves. Together, as client and mentor, we seek understanding, balance and improvement. Through the effective management of these critical areas a person can experience an unparalleled sense of purpose and fulfilment.

My Methodology

Increasing self-love.

Mentoring and life-coaching

My approach to mentoring and coaching is deeply founded in the principles of modern human psychology, as well as principles of Buddhism, Stoicism and Taoism that go back thousands of years. I teach modern, practical psychological methods for maximizing an individual’s potential. I also employ many ideas from Buddhism, Taoism and Stoicism that have been used for millennia to help people be the best version of themselves. It is my job to help you articulate and design a master plan for your current life, and then teach you how to achieve these goals as quickly as possible and in a way that is sustainable. My specific background as an entrepreneur, as well as my education and practice in counselling and psychotherapy, give me a unique and valuable perspective on life experience, business, as well as physical and emotional well-being. My aim is to help a client realize and achieve their goals as efficiently as possible, and with a focus on long-term sustainability.

One on one sessions.


Our interaction will involve sessions of one hour’s length held in my office in Kadriorg. At the start, I will establish witheach client their current situation, as well as their stated goals and existing obstacles. Once these are clear, we can make a plan as to the best way to move forward. Sessions may be weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on the individual circumstances of each client. It is my desire to give my clients the tools they need to live a productive, fulfilling and successful life.

The Process

Goal Oriented

Mentoring and life-coaching can involve a single session or a long collaboration. People often approach me related to a specific issue in their lives such as handling stress, dealing with procrastination, relationship issues, imposter syndrome or just making some specific but difficult decision. Sometimes we can resolve an issue in a single session. At other times, it is necessary to collaborate for some time to achieve the desired results. My goal is to teach you self-observation and insight. Once you are able to effectively analyse your specific circumstances and obstacles, then I am able to give you the practical psychological tools you need to improve your life experience and achieve your goals. Many clients find regular and ongoing sessions a very useful element in their daily lives. Open-ended collaboration is quite common. In this scenario, my clients gain support and direction on a regular basis to keep them moving and growing in their lives and careers. But many clients also come to me for a short time to get through a problematic period, make a decision or create change in an area of their life that is not going as well as they would wish.

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Do I Need Counselling Or Mentoring?

Counselling or mentoring.

Counselling or Mentoring

Psychological counselling and mentoring/life-coaching are fundamentally different things. This is the simplest way to put it.



is for people experiencing serious psychological and/or emotional difficulties. These may include anxiety, depression, self-harm, self-loathing, relationship troubles, suicidal ideation, isolating, eating disorders, mood disorders, addiction, alcohol use disorder, and other psychological and emotional issues. In counselling it is my job to take someone from a troubled state, in relation to their particular problem, to an improved state where they can function more normally. In counselling, the goal is to resolve significant mental and emotional health issues.

Mentoring and life coaching.

Mentoring and life-coaching

is designed to maximize a person’s potential in one, or multiple areas, of their lives. In mentoring and life-coaching, I hope to take someone who is doing okay, to a place where they feel they are at their best. Mentoring is focused on learning. We will work together to devise strategies that bring out your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. During our mentoring sessions we will look closely at how you currently conduct your life, what your road-blocks are and how to overcome them. I hope to bring my mentoring clients to a place where they feel they are performing at their very best. Many of my counselling clients have moved over into mentoring after dealing with their initial issue that required counselling. If you are not sure if you need mentoring or counselling just contact me and we will discuss your circumstances and goals and then decide which is the best route for you.
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Helping my clients achieve
balance and fulfilment through self-validation and the pursuit of a healthy mind and body.